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Selecting an Audiologist

Video transcription below.

Hello! I’m Dr. Walt Otto of Acclaim Hearing Center of Las Vegas. I’d like to talk to you a little bit today about one of my most frequent questions of how do I select an audiologist?

First of all, just saying the word audiologist separates the person who is college credentialed and has a Degree on Audiology, either master’s degree or doctor’s degree. That degree allows someone to counsel with people hearing loss, do the basic diagnostic test to determine whether it’s a medical issue that needs to be referred and might be a surgical situation or something medicine might be able to help or whether it’s a situation such as sensor neural hearing loss or nerve loss that really can only be help with amplification or hearing devices.

So the credentials that you are looking for is:

  • Masters or doctor degree in audiology
  • State licensure
  • Board certification
    For example, my board certification is both by the American Board of Audiologist and by the National Certification Board of NCHIS (National Board Certification of Hearing Instruments Sciences)
  • Next thing that you want to look for is someone that has experience in fitting hearing aids.
    Some folks spend most of their time in preventing hearing loss and medical types of situations but not necessarily fitting hearing aids and so if hearing aids are what are you’re looking for that’s one of the things you want to look for. They built it clean ears to be familiar with the various brands that are you’re interested in.
  • Next thing that I would recommend that you should do is if you do have friends who have had experience with hearing aids, word of mouth recommendation can go a long way.
    If you don’t know someone that you have confidence in or they haven’t been particularly satisfied, then one of the great things in our modern digital age allows you to do is to go online and do some searching. You’ll notice that for the look up audiologist or hearing aids or what have you if there are reviews that are done.  So you’ll have people who are mutual on the situation and make recommendations where they’ve had good experiences and they pass on and their writings of individuals and what they have liked about the interaction with their audiologist. Those are few nuggets for you to ponder when you’re doing your search and I wish you the best, if you’re in Las Vegas, we’d love to have you come to us at Acclaim Hearing Center.

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Dr. Walt Otto

About the Author: Dr. Walter Otto has been an audiologist for over 25 years. He was awarded his doctorate from the University of Utah. He is board certified in both Audiology and in Hearing Instrument Sciences.

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